Site Documentation Page

Here you can preview some of the documentation that is available for Quanta. This documentation has basically been authored by the authoritative sources and was adapted to Quanta. However we feel knowledge is important to performance. It is of course nice to be able to click a button and not have to be bothered by syntax. Still it is nice to be able to understance the concepts of what you are doing. This is what makes us better.

To that end all the Quanta documentation that you install will automatically become available interactively. Simply...

  1. place your cursor in a key word
  2. right click
  3. select context help from the popup menu

You will be looking at the official docs on that key word! You will also note the tab on the left window has docs selected. To return to your file simply select a different tab. While you are browsing docs you can use the forward and back arrows on Quanta just as with Konqueror.

We feel this feature will be very helpful to web developers who like their docs accessible and especially if they do not have a fast internet connection. Installing a documentation package is as easy as extracting it, opening a console view in konqueror in your extract directory and typing

$ sh install.sh

We hope you enjoy the documentation... and if we missed your favorite web language feel free to follow the doc specs and put together a package and forward it to us.

The Quanta Developers