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Welcome to Quanta news and views. We will post articles here about Quanta so you can know what is happening. They will take the form of news about Quanta developments, work in progress and planning and finally I may post some commentary when it seems relevent.

Any opinions posted here are strictly those of the poster and in no way represent the opinions of others on this project, KDE core developers, any specific KDE developers, Source Forge, IBM, your neighbors, the kids on the corner, the guy on the radio... possibly at least one of my cats though.

   Quanta 3.3 Released! Aug 18, 2004  
The Quanta team is proud to announce the availablity of version 3.3. This version marks the first release in the kdewebdev module and includes new plugin programs and many new features.
Read Article Posted by: Eric Laffoon
   Quanta 3.3 BE 2 Released! May 5, 2004  
The Quanta team has released the newest development release of Quanta called "Quanta Bleeding Edge". Want to know more? Read all about it here and see what's new!
Read Article Posted by: Eric Laffoon
   New Developers Sponsored! Mar 27, 2004  
Thanks to the support of our new sponsors we are able to add a new developer. This is still costing money our of the project leader's pocket. But wait! Maybe we should sponsor some more developers?
Read Article Posted by: Eric Laffoon
   Quanta BE released! Nov 29, 2003  
The Quanta team has released the new development release of Quanta called "Quanta Bleeding Edge". Want to know more? Read all about it here and see what's new!
Read Article Posted by: Eric Laffoon
   Eric Meets Wil Wheaton! July 10, 2003  
I finally got ot meet wil Wheaton of Star Trek TNG fame. Wil is a great guy, a very good writer and an open source advocate we can all be proud to have on our side. What did Wil have to say to me about Quanta? Was Wil happy to meet me? Follow the link dear reader and look for the pictures at the bottom.
Read Article Posted by: Eric Laffoon
   Kommander Docs Here! April 16, 2003  
Kommander docs and demos are here! Kommander is a dialog bilding and executing tool that will make Quanta and other KDE applications extensible by you, the user! We're very excited about it! Kommander has been included with Quanta since KDE 3.1.
Read Article Posted by: Eric Laffoon
   3.1 Released! Jan 20, 2003  
Quanta 3.1 is here! Mostly you will find bug fixes and speed along with the ability to open projects remotely and more. There are two versions now. KDE 3.1 comes with the main one and we are releasing a version for KDE 3.0.x on site. When you get KDE 3.1, get Quanta with it. This version also includes our visual dialog tool called Kommander which we will write up soon. Kommander will allow you to create dialogs to extend Quanta with no compling or coding!
  Posted by: Eric Laffoon
   Web editor survey Jan 7, 2003  
LinuxQuestions.org is having a survey and you can vote on your favorite web editor there. Why not stop by and cast a vote for Quanta.
Read Article Posted by: Eric Laffoon
   3.0 Released! Sep 26, 2002  
Quanta 3 is here! And with it lots of new fun features. There's too much new to list here so follow the link and have a look.
Read Article Posted by: Eric Laffoon
   Quanta and Wil Wheaton
Phasors on stunned
Sep 23, 2002  
Imagine my surprise to get an email saying we were mentioned on www.wilwheaton.net. I'd heard there were celebrity forces at work to bring fame and fortune to our quiet little world but when I saw he had linked to our site I was... stunned. Wil Wheaton linking to our site? What will that do to our bandwidth usage? There seems only one response, to link to his site and bring his server to it's knees with Quanta users looking for wit and advocacy... so we did! Enjoy!
Read Article Posted by: Eric Laffoon
   3.0 PR2A Released! Sep 11, 2002  
Quanta 3.0 PR2A is available for download. If you have PR2 you are advised to update. I was going to post diffs but as far as I can tell there have not been that many downloads and I am rather busy. If I get more than 1 or 2 email requests I will make patches and post them.
  Posted by: Eric Laffoon
   Quanta 3 picks up steam! Sep 3, 2002  
So what's new with Quanta? How about being DTD neutral, auto completion, numerous extenstions and more... how about having several times the developer force Quanta has ever had putting in more consistent effort than ever before? Take a read if you can handle the excitement!
Read Article Posted by: Eric Laffoon
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