Quanta 3 Picks Up Steam!

This is the most exciting time in Quanta's existence! In fact if you can imagine there are almost too many things to talk about. I'll try to make a brief list here but I'm sure lots will be left out.

  • We now have several times as many people than any time in the past, not that we can't use more.
  • We are finally making Quanta a tool for the future now with loadable DTDs
  • We actually have Quanta Docs!
  • We have templates and loadable toolbars.
  • Our site has been updated and now contains a developer planning section that is viewable by the public... so no more "Quanta is dead" rumors.
  • We are gearing up to our most ambitious level ever and our activity is consistent.
  • We are getting ready to introduce a companion application that will quickly blow everyone who tries it away as the ultimate "application glue" that can extend not only Quanta but any DCOP enabled KDE application to almost anywhere you can imagine.
  • We will be shipping Quanta 3.0 soon and version 3.1 with KDE 3.1
  • For me the really exciting news is we will be part of the KDE base package after version 3.1!
  • Finally, everyone can now help make Quanta better.

Welcome Quanta Developers...

While our developer numbers have grown and this is exciting I'm not going to declare victory. For us to take on our current task list and schedule we need a few more people. For us to be able to look at things like Flash editor plugins and other things that could be done by a committed team it's going to take even more. More developers and likely more people donating and sponsoring. Right now we have at least seven people I can think of that might be actively doing something with Quanta any given week. There are a few of us who do something every day. Even as much as I love the project I have to consider how to better allocate my time. However it is exciting to think that most of Quanta was originally done by two guys who had one computer between them. At least until I helped them get a second one. So as a user you should expect things to change fast with Quanta.

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