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I bet I can guess what your're thinking. Something to the effect that you're not a C++ programmer. You could also be thinking that if you could figure out how to help you would. Often we look at a project and just assume they must be doing okay because they're getting releases out. People contribute, right? Quanta sees approximately 35,000 downloads for a major version. I would guess that less than 1/100 or at least 1/10 Linux users choose to compile from source. And yet we have only a handful of developers. What if we got code contributed from one in 10 who downloaded the source? That would be 3,500 parts of a whole new experience. What we've done by taking the course we've chosen is made it easy for just that to happen.

Shortly we will be making it as easy as falling off a log to submit templates, toolbars, tag dialogs, DTD packs, scripts, Kommander dialogs and more. What this means is that Quanta can greatly benefit from your help. Do you want half a dozen C++ coders that the project revolves around making PHP templates (and probably not real good ones) or do you want 1,000 web developers who use Quanta submitting them? If you think this is a no brainer ask yourself how much more productive you would be if you could stop searching for that great little piece of code to handle that special situation... If you use the tools you will become more productive and you will have something to contribute.

What about our C++ coders? Are they still important? You bet. There is no doubt we need more of them too so if you're any good at C++ and need a project give us a holler. Now I have to bring up one more thing that can help here because this is important. That is the thing about how we like to eat and stay warm and dry. Currently I am sponsoring Andras Mantia as our lead developer on the project. This allows him to work full time on Quanta day in day out. That is all he does. Without Andras we would not have had the momentum to get to where we are and attract and involve our volunteer developers. I'm currently looking at other developers to sponsor to work full time on Quanta. Don't doubt for a minute what a huge difference this is. Many people know I sponsored the original developers too.

Looking For Other Ways to Help?

I'll be blunt and say I don't like asking for money. At the same time I am currently financing Quanta with a little startup company called Kitty Hooch that makes premium catnip toys. The site is next on my list to bring up to a professional level as the business just took off this last few months. You can go get your cat the most puss kicking toy ever too if you want to help Quanta. I would not ask anyone to do anything I haven't already. I have very little time to program and am not as skilled at C++ as Andras anyway. Over the history of Quanta I have spent thousands of dollars of my own money. I'm planning on donating at least 10% of all business referred through this site to Quanta development. Still the fact remains that donations would be very helpful.

Yeah it's that old "dig deep all ye faithful" pitch. Except this time we are talking about people being paid to work full time on this project. Put yourself in my place. It is not exactly stress free when you not only have to pay your bills and your company's expenses. Add the salaries of software developers on a project where you give the software away because you believe in the cause. Then tell me you wouldn't like to have a little more money left over for business expansion. The truth is I don't want everyone to donate and I certainly don't expect others to make the sacrifices I have. In fact I don't want anyone donating if it is difficult for them. I'd be happy if just a small percent of our users expressed some financial appreciation and support. That could make a huge difference! Just remember how many users we have and how many developers and ask yourself it you are comfortable that someone else will do what is needed. What I promise to everyone who is moved to contribute is that anything sent to us will both make a difference and be used with the greatest respect.

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