Those of you who remember when it looked as if the GPL'd Quanta was dead last year know that I have persevered and been true to my word. Many of you may not know that it was the most difficult year of my life losing my dear mother on August 31st, 2001. I'm writing this on September 3rd which would have been her 68th birthday. If there is one thing I know it is she believed in me when no one else did and I prevailed. I proceed in her honor committed to prevail again with Quanta... no matter what help I may encounter.

In Closing

Okay, enough emotion. Our simple promise to you as the Quanta team is that in the coming months you will see a transformation from a tool that built simple web pages to the next killer app on *nix. Instead of being left behind we want our brothers and sisters in free software to launch ahead of everyone else with the best and most powerful tools. With all we are introducing any knowledgable web developer can now extend Quanta to take advantage of new technology developments in an afternoon. What could be more exciting!

My best to all the Quanta faithful who have endured with us  
Eric L. Laffoon

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