Here are some screen shots of Quanta from KDE 3.0/3.1 releases. If you would like to see our current development releases have a look here at Quanta BE 2 shots and here for Quanta BE 1 shots. You can find Kommander shots here.
This is the main window showing the new structure tree in PHP mode, line numbering and bookmarking and the Ctrl-Space function auto-complete.
The new DTD dialog where you can set DTDs for files that do not declare them, select an installed DTD that is suitable for use or change the DTD of yoru document.
Editor configuration dialog.
Quanta configuration dialog has a default DTD fallback setting.
Actions configuration dialog - now allows direct placement of new actions on toolbars. (See the BE 1 screenshots [img #4] for the non-hideous new version)
Quanta's toolbars are now loadable and can exist globally, in the user domain or be scoped to the project only.
Quanta's new upload dialog uses more intuitive tree and has select by directory capabilities. The directory indicators are tri-state for all, none or some.
Quanta updating a site from CVS with the Cervisia plugin.
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