Kommander - Visually Draw Dialogs for KDE

   Kommander is essentially two programs, an editor to build the dialogs and an executor to run them. You can run the editor with the command "kmdr-editor" and the executor with "kmdr-executor dialog.kmdr". An explanation, tutorial and demonstration dialogs can be downloaded from our file area. The core idea is that any widget can have text associated and that the dialog can create strings to echo, command lines, DCOP interactions and can even include shell scripting. Below are some screen shots illustrating the potential of Kommander. Note that while this project has been developed with Quanta it will work stand alone or with any KDE program. Get the docs and demos here.
This is the main window of the Kommander Editor showing a file open for editing. Note this is derived from the QT3 style Designer.
The context menu showing the available options. The important one being Text Associations.
This is the Associated Text editor where all the magic begins. You can select the current widget's text (@WidgetText) or address text of other widgets as well as incorporate shell commands and shell scripting.
There is a degree of event control where you can use pre defined signals and slots to link widgets or trigger actions.
Here is an example new Quick Start dialog for Quanta.
Here is an advance HTML Tidy implementation dialog. It has four tabs and can address most any feature of Tidy. It also uses DCOP and demonstrates shell scripting.
This is page 2 where most settings are handled.
Tidy character encodings.
Tidy help and information.
Tidy execute button associated text showing a shell script embedded in the dialog.
In order to output to stdout you need to set this parameter on execute button widgets.
This is a dialog I use to manage MySql table edits using a 700+ line PHP class.
This is a dialog I use to manage MySql tabular output using a 500 line PHP class.
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