Quanta 3.2 Bleeding Edge Release 1

   Here are some screen shots of Quanta from our current bleeding edge development release.
The attribute editor in the lower left gives you a lot of new power to view, edit, walk and delete tags in both text and VPL modes
Now you can store shorthand abbreviations for code and expand then with Ctrl-J
Our Actions dialog has been completely reworked to be inviting instead of confusing. This is a scirpt action.
This is a tag action
Our new CSS wizard is a "work of art in progress" giving you extensive control of CSS and it is part of a total CSS control system in development
The document properties dialog weas created for VPL but works in both modes
Some people have had their layouts get weird using Quanta. Now you can restore several versions.
Our project dialog has new options like being able to permanently save your password (encrypted)
Now you can select from available actions to filter templates
These are the VPL settings so far
Quanta can now report on any loaded DTD including the validity of tag parent child relationships. Just double click on the error to go to the line in the editor.
Our new help is extensive!
Have a look at some of what the parser can display now. Quanta parses linked files as defined in the DTEP and for PHP it respects variable scope too.
Plugins can now load in editor tabs! This makes Cervisia much more enjoyable to use!
One of our most requested features is global find and replace. One of my favorite programs has been KFileReplace. Now the king of find and replace is plugged into Quanta. This is the first dialog you see to set up your search constraints.
Here is an example of what you see. You can search, test a replace or replace as well as set all kinds of parameters.
Page 1 of your extended settings
Page 2 of your extended settings
Page 3 of your extended settings
KImageMapEditor makes image maps easy! The code is not included in the Quanta package but if you get it at kimagemapeditor.sf.net Quanta will automatically recognize it.
Here's another fun example of kparts in action
Need to debug your XSL?
Our new Quick Start dialog was built with Kommander so this means that users can extend and modify it easily and without compiling
Quanta now supports a special way to organize your scripts you run locally on your system. One example user contributed script enables Quanta to emulate DreamWeaver templates using a perl script and a Kommander dialog.
Our new table editor is a really welcome and powerful addition! Create tables or edit existing ones. Add rows and colums, merge and unmerge cells and recurse to sub tables with point and click ease.
Have a look at what you can do with the context menu
You can put any local or remote folder right into your file tree using a context menu
Here's what everybody wants to see, but it was alphabetical. Really. This is a special "dual mode" view combining both the VPL and text modes. Of course Quanta runs in VPL mode alone too.
This shows VPL in mixed PHP/HTML on a tabled form. VPL gives visual feedback on both tables and forms. Note the red line outlining the form.
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